Friday, July 17, 2015

Be in this FILM!
I hope and pray this will get me about a 1000 people into my film! It’s for an AMAZING DREAM SEQUENCE that will blow people’s minds!!! PLEASE SHARE and LIKE with all your HORROR FILM fan friends! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How scary things can turn into happy stuff!

A cool lesson on how scary things can become happy stuff!
I was asked by a sweet elderly widowed woman with a huge ass yard if I would be interested in mowing it for her for $40 using her old mower. 
I’ve been selling my books, artworks, paintings, and posting on ebay and etsy, but more likely just irritating my friends on all my social media with my statuses and links to get more money. 
I have been working very hard to raise the rest of the money I need to finish my zombie horror film, I JUICE YOUR BRAIN! I only need a few hundred bucks now! 
I don’t know why people need their lawns mowed in the heat of the day, but I arrived at 9AM to do the work and it was already 88°. When I finished it was 105°, I was soaking wet and my brain was fried. I had forgotten to take a bottle of water! It was all sun! AND I had no sunblock! 
All I was thinking about was getting cash to add to the piggy bank to finally pay some very beautiful female models to not only appear in my film, but to appear completely nude in my film. Beauty isn’t cheap, but naked beautiful women in my horror film is the best special effect I can afford!
About halfway through the job a white Ford F-250 pulled up along the length of lawn next to the road. Out of the truck steps a huge Mexican man in a small white t-shirt. He was walking toward me and shouting something I couldn’t hear. I stopped the mower. 
“Hey Donald Trump (me?) why are you taking money out of the mouths of a little disabled hispanic girl?”
My heart began to race! I’m not lying I thought he was loco and was going to hurt me. I said, “What?” about 11 times, it seemed.
“How much is she paying you?”
In panic I told him, “Ffff ff forty dollars.”
“Aww man, she rippin’ you off! She paid me $200 a month for lawn service every week for 2 years, now the old bitch is too cheap and didn’t renew. She ripped me off and now she’s ripping you off, man!”
For some weird reason I told him I was just trying anything I could to make some quick cash to finish my zombie horror film. His eyes went wide.
“Zombie film, like Day of the Dead?!!”
I thought he was talking about the Mexican holiday, but he said he was the biggest George Romero fan in the whole state, and LOVES horror films.
Then, he asked me how much I was trying to get. I don’t him I needed about $2000, but people have been coming through with money to help me, so now only about $500.
“You need a big old Mexican in your film, for sure! I’d love to be in your film. Can I kill a zombie in it?”
I told him everyone who is in the movie has backed the film, I even told him how much people had paid to be a part of it, I don’t really know why. I was still a bit scared, I guess.
He thought for a bit, and looked up at the house. The old woman was walking down the hill toward us.
“Hey. Here she comes. I’ll pay you to be in it if I can be a zombie killer, but I want to put my daughter in the movie for free. She only comes up to my knees. She has bone cancer and I want her in the movie. If you can have her sing, you won’t regret it, she’s sounds like an angel. You’ll love her, she’s bald like you!”
He gave me his business card, asked me to call him, and asked if he could go ahead and tell his daughter about it.
He turned. The old woman stopped walking and just stood there halfway down the hill glaring at us. He got in his big truck and drove away!
I didn’t even feel the heat. I was floating in the clouds. I thought to myself, “This was no accident!” 
This was meant to be. I got my $40 and she added $5 just for being a sweet lady.
My film is getting made thanks to all these Angels!!! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NEBULA Visual Effects!

Motion-control tests on the Nebula spaceship! Designed and built by modelmaker Charles Anderson! Here she gets the deep space treatment! All special effects are in camera!

Here I am testing the stepper motors and gears to my Dynamic Perception Motion Control camera rig, as CJ Laing looks over it all from my 'Barbara Broadcast' Distribpix Inc. tshirt... For good luck.