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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Film Update

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dinners, lunches, brunches, and booze!

If you can't stand the heat... 

Well, I'm cutting my time here in Los Angeles short and heading back to the ice cool temperatures of The South. I want to thank all my friends for taking me out to dinners, lunches, brunches, and booze! I want to thank all the technical crew and the actors that put up with me in the sun, in the desert, under makeup, latex, silicone... I'm sorry I didn't have a big enough budget to have green screened zombies crawling through sand in a/c conditions, but I'm most sorry all our fake blood, sweat and tears were for nothing as it appears the data can't be retrieved from the flash cards. We'll try again and keep marching forward, hopefully under less EMPs, EMFs, and coronal mass ejecta type situations! If you didn't get a chance to see me while I was here, you'll have to try harder next time.

Several people have told me, because of the new tax incentives California's trying to pass to keep film productions from leaving the country, that if I moved back to Los Angeles they would put me right to work... Work? In this heat? I don't even want to work! I have cats to play with back home!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monsters, Makeup, Madness, and Me!

The Amazing Alec Gillis showed me some incredible effects from his film, "Harbinger Down" on his iPhone at dinner, but Alec's beautiful Italian wife showed me a great time with laughs! We were silly. We talked ghosts. We talked... I can't even remember! They are great people! Two wonderfully talented and good people who always back and support all my projects no matter how unique!


See how goofy we can be!

Two of the better parts of The Chiodo Brothers!
Chuck Williams outside in the heat with me at Creature Features!
FX Genius Bruce Spaulding Fuller taught me all about How to Make a Zombie Horde on a Budget!

The awesome Michael Spatola of the Cinema Makeup School and author of the fascinatingly concise Monstrous Make-up Manual book!
Get your copy now at: 
Artist and friend Tim Gore violently shook my head until I heard what sounded like marbles rolling around an old Maxwell House coffee can!
The great Steve Wang!
 I loved watching them!
 I loved watching her eat her Subway footlong barefooted while getting all dolled up!
The awesome work of Kasey Erokhin and Brea Joseph of KBZ FX
Tom Savini! I actually made him smile... for a very limited time. Nanoseconds.
The terrifyingly beautiful FX makeup by Nocturnal Designez KC Mussman, costume by Marika Soderlund-Robison of Kicka Custom Design, and beautiful model Jessica Capri Stamm as she sucks my lifeforce from my chest!
No matter all the troubles I had this weekend; Sore eyes, heatstroke, dehydration, solar flare, data loss, iPhone crash, painkiller on empty stomach while drinking, talking people to death, and annoying creative people... I am truly loved by talented and intelligent Goth Kids who still wear black even if it's 120 degrees outside! These are my people!
I was in fact, so entertaining Eliot Monsterpalooza Brodsky gave me the 3 day pass fee back, after I did about an hour and a half of free form comedy for his beautiful family in the hotel lobby! I love hearing people laugh at my comedy... I miss hearing it. Jessica and Erin rarely laugh at anything I come up with at home. Maybe I need to go on tour.