Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dames, Dinosaurs, Don and Deprecation!

I've known filmmaker, record producer, author, paleontologist...Donald F. Glut for about 25 years! I've worked with him on numerous film and TV projects. I've known his USC film school classmates and have talked with them extensively about Don. I've had either lunches or dinners with him at least 20 times. I've known beautiful women who he's been involved with professionally and personally...

Everytime I see him he acts as he's never meet me before! Granted my appearance does seem to change a lot, but now I'm thinking I'm just not that memorable.

The first ever documented Spider-Man film by Don from 1969!

Don Glut, Christy Block (hosts) Forrest J Ackerman (himself) Jim Danforth (himself) Ray Harryhausen (himself) Director: Donald F. Glut Dinosaur Movies!


Oh well, it's still great everytime I see him.

While I've been a serious hit with drunk married women and young goth kids tonight at Son of MONSTERPALOOZA... I feel I have become annoying. I wish I liked myself more. 

I think I'm an awesome person, I have so much to offer, I'd be my own bestest friend if I could. 

I don't think it was just because I had an empty stomach with painkillers and alcohol, I think I may have actually annoyed people. If you are one of them, I apologize. I was just trying to make you laugh.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Casey Love, Badger, Black Heart, Monsterpalooza, and my new love, The Airbrush!

The great artist Casey Love sculpted it, but I painted it in his class with Black Heart Models and Badger Airbrush! I'm still working with it. It's H.P. Lovecraft. I'm on the left.

The brilliant artist Casey Love here teaching me everything he knows! I think we're like best friends now!

Casey Love told me privately I was his favorite and most talented student, and Ken "Badger" Schlotfeldt told me he would give me any airbrush I wanted for free just because he had never seen such amazing talent with an airbrush! I feel people are finally appreciating my brilliance!

I think I'm going to be a Badger Guy for as long as they'll have me and make airbrushes! I heard a fantastic story about the company, the family, the history... I know their history is part of the history of Chicago and the surrounding areas. Big success story! It would make a great movie!

I took the Casey Love class yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about it! I want to take every class he ever does again! He is an incredible artist, just look at this couple and baby he did. I believe this is my favorite piece of the entire Son of MONSTERPALOOZA event, other than the H. P. Lovecraft I did in his class.

Monday, July 14, 2014

25 Creative Geniuses Who Inspire Me Through Their Work

#25 - Maya Deren

#24 - Jordan Belson

#23 - Oscar Micheaux

#22 - Charlie Chaplin

#21 - Martin Bower

#20 - Andy Warhol

#19 - Prince

#18 - Douglas Trumbull

#17 - Christopher Nolan

#16 - William Shakespeare

#15 - Elon Musk

#14 - Ken Russell

#13 - Steve Jobs

#12 - Walt Disney

#11 - Roger Corman

#10 - Albert Einstein

#9 - Steven Spielberg

#8 - Billy Corgan 

#7 - Leonardo da Vinci

#6 - Harmony Korine

#5 - Mary Shelley

#4 - Jean-Luc Godard 

#3 - Orson Welles

#2 - Nikola Tesla

#1 - Stanley Kubrick

Maybe this is a ridiculous list, but I do think about these people a lot. I read all I can about them, some I don't even really like that much, yet I am inspired by them none the less.